Citizen: Safety & Awareness App Reviews

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I like the app, because it gives me an update on my surroundings and helps me know where not to go. I have children, so this app helps a lot. However, I hate that we can’t report directly from the app. For instance, there is some major police activity near my house, as I’m writing this review, and it’s not showing on the app. How am I supposed to be in the “know” if the app doesn’t “know” and it’s not being reported? That’s the only complaint I have! Other than that, I like it.


Wants your phone number and they claim they won’t use it for any other purpose other than to sign up, but that’s not true. They will use it to block you if they decide they don’t agree with your politics, or whatever it maybe. Way to violate our freedom of speech. Update, I have already spoken with your so-called staff, and they do nothing about the abusive trolls using your app. If we have a conservative point of view, they block us. Don’t you just love how all you get is a textbook response without any actual help.

Underage kids

There’s too many underage kids going live and using too much profanity on these chats shouldn't there age be verified? This application due to recording and viewing live stuff that a lot of kids shouldn’t be seeing.

Failed app execution

Great idea to allow people to broadcast issues in their neighborhood....but wait? How do you do that? There’ no intuitive way that I can see to do that. Apparently, you have to rely on the authorities to declare an incident. For example, there are lots of crazy homeless in my area and I would like to upload a report and broadcast picture or video. There are reviews claiming that the time between an incident report to 911 and when it appears on citizen is 1 minute. This is completely not believable.

User-hostile app

I’m on vacation and I heard about this app and wanted to see what’s going on near my home in the San Francisco bay area. Couldn’t even get past the first screen! You can only use the app if your phone GPS says that you are currently physically in one of their supported areas.

So Max Head Room

Technology at its best..

Scare o’clock news- makes the world worse

This app is basically creating crowdsourced, fear-based paranoia. Not good for the world.

Great idea, terrible implementation

App made to create me an account just to tell me that they don’t cover the place where I live. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Not in my area

Bring it to Dayton Ohio! We need it with everything that happens around here

Doesn’t work

It says to enter in a US phone number and when I did enter my phone it kept giving me the same error message even though there was a green check next to my phone number. Frustrating I can’t even get through the first page. Not sure why my actual phone number doesn’t work.

Crucial App

Are you a New Yorker ? Do you like to know what going on around your city or neighborhood? If you answered yes to any of them then this app is a must. Not only can you get live up to dye notifications of what happening around you but you can also get first-hand raw accounts. This app allowed me to know about a fire that was happening right next to me and gave me the heads up so I can take my family to safety.


You only have it in NY and SF what about other states.

Motto should be “Protect NYC and SFB”

Bring it to Chicago already. That’s where the real crime is happening.


It’s a really good app... but I wished it would be available in other states...

Love the app!

This is an awesome idea! I cant wait for this app to be operational in NJ! Always wanted to know whats going on near me if I see police or fire activity, no more calling neighbors, app notifies you based on your GPS location. This app will become more and more popular, I would say soon we wont need to wait for news channel to arrive at location to provide breaking news as public will be able to record and post it online faster than TV networks. Great idea! Would like to wish Citizen to grow and I have no doubts it will!


Maybe before you publish the app make it available in EVERY AREA!!! I understand it takes fine for that but DONT PUBLISH IT UNTIL IT IS WORKING FOR EVERYONE!

No warnings

My location has not been added and probably other people’s too please add more locations


So I’ve been wanting to use this app but every time I use it, it always says not enough people have downloaded or not enough people in the community are using it. Does there have to be a certain amount of users in your community for the app to give you information on what’s going on around you? I really want to know.

Great job people.

I don’t know how they do it but this works very well. It notifies you of crime, fires etc around the neighborhood. I wish this worked everywhere. I get a notification of a fire while the fire trucks are driving to the fire. Just amazing. Well done. Keep up the great work.

Confirmation code invalid

Every code they send me it keeps saying invalid doesn’t make any sense I’m having issues moving past this step. Already makes me not want to download this app.

Can not sign up

Claims that my number is invalid yet correctly sends me the codes. Refuses use of app without this authorization which really isn’t necessary to provide their service.

Better Start Moderating Comments...

Update: you guys need to find a way to moderate comments. You have people buying/selling drugs in the comment section! I had my kids uninstall the app when I saw this happening. This should be a way to keep communities safer, not a facilitator helping people get their fix. I know that this was not the intended purpose for the app, but as you grow you need to make sure your app is being used legally. ———————————————————— An app like this is long overdue. The news doesn't cover everything that happens everywhere, so this is a MUST HAVE APP. My only problem is that there is no follow up to the alerts. It tells you shots were fired in your area and that the police are responding, but that's all. It doesn't say if there were arrests made, casualties, etc. Now that I know what's happening around me, I'd like to know there's something being done about it.

Houston request.

Please make it available for the city of Houston!👍🏼

Invasive sign on flow wants email, phone, and location. Paranoia app!

Finally got through long sign up flow, only to read the “trending” scary titles of crime. In tiny low contrast at the bottom of each I can see they are all 20-30 miles away! Totally paranoia inducing, and ranked like an attempt at an engaging twitter feed. No thanks.

Great app

Crime scenes, cops called for stupid shipt, and car crashes nearby lol. This app is hilarious lol


Update to my recent review. The developers sent me an email explaining how to narrow down the recent incidents to my my location. You just tap the little compass-looking circle on the map. Voila! Thanks guys, it‘s much more useful now.

Doesn’t work without WiFi

App doesn’t work unless I’m on WiFi - doesn’t that defeat the purpose of having it?

Good app

This app is useful but I want to know what crimes are going on where I live and around the US. all and all great app


i live in frisco texas (dallas) and i got this app to see whats going on and IT ISNT EVEN HERE!!! this a growing town and i really want you to move it here thanks seems cool though

Issues issues issues....

The “set password” tab does not work and I almost punctured my iPhone screen trying to get the silly thing to take me to the next step. It needs to have the name of neighborhood or borough next to the address in each alert. Only the biggest crime junkies or seasoned TV assignment editor can determine where the more obscure addresses are.


I’ve been waiting for MONTHS for my area to be covered and I keep updating the app and waiting but nothing happens.

Not accurate

Got an email, citizen was available in my area, re downloaded the app and it says it’s not available

I’m not getting the code to my phone

I downloaded the app and put in my number but the code is not coming to my phone. I been trying for two days now. Can someone help me. Thank you


My town has had a lot of bad things that have been going on so it would be really helpful if you expand the app too Batesville Arkansas please before it is too late!!!!!!


This needs to be brought to Chicago. Even tho alerts will be going off every 5 seconds, we need this!


Very helpful! Definitely would recommend for anybody who wants to stay in the know

Needs to expand

I live in New Jersey and would like to know situations that happen near me, to make me feel safe tooo

App Spreads Unreliable and False Information

I believe this app reports fake information and is utterly useless. I have called 911 for three separate emergency instances that have occurred on my street in the last month. For each one, the police and/or paramedics responded to my call. Not one has been reported by the app. Additionally, the app reported a robbery at the address for my local dry cleaner. I stopped by a few minutes later to pick up my dry cleaning and asked the shopkeeper about it. She had no idea what I was talking about! There had been no robbery at her shop, and she had not called the police. At other times I have received live alerts for supposed police activity right where I am located, yet there have been no police nearby and no commotion. Finally, I believe non-English speakers or bots are creating these alerts because they are very strangely worded. For example, I regularly see alerts that say things like, “Woman Acting Violently”. As a result, I find the app utterly useless.


Now you’re going to censor the broadcast? I’m out. ✌🏽

Something's wrong

I downloaded the app and it won't send me the code to verify my number why use phone numbers in the first place there should be a option for email make it happen

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What’s the point of having such a good app with limited locations. I live in New Jersey and you don’t even have us listed. Just NY and San Fran. Should have gotten more areas before releasing.


Have the app but nothing on Chicago any idea when you will cover the Chicago area?

phone number

it wouldn’t accept my US phone number. i would enter it and it says to enter a US phone number. i am 100% sure my phone number is in the US

During signup, the message explaining the need for my phone # disappears almost immediately

Could I get more than half a second to read why my phone number is needed? I deleted and reinstalled and still couldn’t read it...

More than just NY and SF?

I don’t liv in these areas and I’d like to see what is going on around me where I live. Any plans on adding more than just New York and San Francisco?


Please can you get the app to work in Texas because a lot is happening here and I don’t feel safe so I need this app to work here please

How can we help?

A lot of people in my local community love the idea of this app, but we’re not in the areas where it works. Is there anyway we could assist to speed the process up to get this in the Baltimore/dc area?

Sleazy app won’t open without demanding your phone number

Knowing your phone number is not necessary to provide alerts — and when combined with the fact that this app tracks your location 24/7, that’s a HUGE privacy violation. Sketchy!


I love this app and the idea behind it but I live in Houston and I think everyone in Houston would love this app, please expand to Houston <3

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