Citizen: Safety & Awareness App Reviews

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The idea is great!

The idea for this app looks great to protect people but is only available on NYC, it will be great if you expand to Charlotte, North Carolina :)

Concept Good, Execution MEH

I imagine there are boundaries that need to be respected but app could become more informative by 1 Allow user report of incidents ahead of emergency response reporting. These would need to be vetted and danger is Citizen starts being used as 911 substitute. 2 Allow upload of video taken before incident appears on Citizen. Vetting needed to approve posting. 3 Merge incidents with police blotter. reporting and/or news media to provide full facts within 24 hours. 4 Don’t post video that provides low value info. Have users vote on video quality to prioritize which is displayed first. 5 Ability to post still pics. One good pic can be much more informative than 5 minutes of video. 6 Give badges for good user reporting. 7 Partner with All News media IE NY1 WCBS WINS

Scam calls

Ever since I downloaded this app I been getting scam calls non stop, I spoke with some people and they agreed that after they input there number they been getting scam calls

Horrible for officer safety

Entertaining app if you’re in one of the limited coverage areas. But huge concern for law enforcement agencies everywhere. Recently watched a barricaded suspect incident unfold on the app, while some teenager live streamed the event from across the street. The footage broadcasted the SWAT officers’ position to the entire audience, including the suspect! Apparently the designer of this app has no regard for the sanctity of human life.


Expand to San Antonio TX please. Lol

Please remove!!!

That annoying “enable notifications” at the bottom that stucks there forever and you cannot get rid of it. I don’t want notifications if citizen doesn’t remove that I’ll just delete the app. It is really tiring.

Would be good in Chicago

I know a lot of people from my and nearby neighborhoods that would love this in Chicago! We’re always posting updates on our Facebook group called “Eastside”, but this sounds better and easier!

Great idea, app needs setting options

Great concept, but get some options setup so we can mute the live video or stop it all together. Stupid people throwing f bombs and talking like lowlife trash in vids. i dont even bother with the app other than checking the text of incidents... sick of hoodlums in chat and low iq idiots gutter talk in videoes

The best App no one knows about

To the creators of Citizen; The two things the citizen app has taught me is that 1. there are more people with swords living in San Francisco than in game of thrones, and 2. it's the most remarkable app that no ones ever heard of. I heard about Citizen while sitting in an uber. There was a traffic jam and as far as we could see, a cavalcade of armed cops were transfixed on what seemed to be a crime thwarted, and as the police carried out their civic duty, a flurry of citizens were armed not with guns or tasers as their blue suit civil servant counterparts, but armed with their phones, uploading photos to Citizen. I realized then if every Berkeley college student were armed with Citizen, it could have helped with the pepper spray attacks from Berkeley police officers run amuck. It could help every missing black youth whose their disappearance goes underreported by local media due to the color of their skin. It could help bring light to immigration raids, it can be a tool of oppressed people everywhere and I wonder if an app like citizen existed in Dr. King's time, would he have mentioned it as the number 1 defense against injustice, whether by criminals or law enforcement? To me at the time I heard of this app, I imagined it must be one of the most popular apps in the App Store and tons of articles must have been written about it. Then I googled it, and the first thing that popped up was the piece done by tech crunch. Granted it was a hit job but it made me frustrated to see such a genius app berated as well as marketed so poorly. I'm not a techie. I don't live in the bubble of the tech world where everyone high fives eachother for theories, good ideas and vc money. I'm a regular guy, a 9 time award winning indie film director and a minority. I'm sure many of your black and Latino engineers probably mentioned just like myself the great potential this app has to protect the oppressed and underprivileged. I feel strongly about the good that an app like yours can do and I'll be sending you an email to further discuss the pioneering strides you all are making at citizen. Thank you for trying to make the world a safer place.


Used to work fine. Now whenever I click on incidents, nothing pops up. Only one place I looked under popped up after staying on the screen for a few Minutes. Can this please be fixed? I've deleted and reinstalled the app and still same issue.

Why am I blocked?

It's too hard to reach out to customer support. Anyway, why are my pearls of wisdom blocked in chat? Geez, a guy drops one soundcloud link in the chat about a missing kid and everyone reports you. Pshhh


I did enjoy this app until an old associate that has my phone number requested to be in my inner circle. MOST all apps ask if you want to be able to be found by friends or people in general via your email/cell. This app doesn’t do that and although you can “deny” the request, it’s still a privacy issue. No thanks. Uninstalled!

Not comprehensive

Some complaints: Lots of incidents go unreported. Many times I saw police / emergency vehicles responding to a crime, but it didn’t show up on the app. The app shows recent crimes, but just how recent is not configurable. You cannot view crimes on a certain date. There is no follow up on any of the crimes. Other than the initial report, you’re not likely to hear if the suspect has been caught, if the victim is ok, etc.

Buggy since updating Sep 2

One of my favorite features of this app has been how you can select any neighborhood, and see a list of incidents for only that area. But since updating the app a couple days ago, now when I select a neighborhood, it doesn't always show the incident list--it's just blank. Hope this is a temporary glitch... Update: it seems to be working ok now, there just is sometimes a long delay before list pops onto screen. This probably has more to do with wifi issues than the app.

Not in Chicago...

I already know why Laughing out loud. this app would be going off nonstop. Nice idea though.

Won’t allow

I live near Trenton NJ but work in Harlem NY. I want to be able to pick locations. I’m home trying to use the app and it won’t allow me to do anything because the service is not available yet in the Trenton NJ area. But I want to hear what is going on in Harlem NY where I work. I should be able to pick a location.

Citizen needs to be around the whole country

Needs improvements

Needs to come to Los Angeles Area / Orange County Area ASAP!!

Needs to come to Los Angeles / Orange County Area.. it will help a lot!!!!

Location, Location, Location.

The reason I am giving this app a one-star rating is because there are only two geographical locations to monitor, and not where I am located. I think the concept of this app is a good idea. However it doesn’t help the rest of your customer base by only allow NYC & SANFRANBAY. Hope the devs start adding more states, cities & towns forthwith!!!

What happened to this App?

When you try to zoom in on something happening in your area, screen goes black. Map zooms in and you get nothing? Bad update

Good to have, but often gives frightening alerts and then never updates them with more information.

I really wish we could count on consistent updates to alerts from Citizen. It’s nerve-wracking to get these alerts about crime and violence and never know whether the people were apprehended or if anyone was hurt.

I’m not sure!

Not sure if I like it or not because it won’t let me download. I pressed the “get” button but all it’s doing is spinning and won’t download. Hope this changes so I can actually see if I like it or not.


Waiting for it to actually work in a lot of places besides New York. Can’t wait!

Reply notification

It’ll be helpful to have notifications for replies to your comment or keep tabs on news you’ve commented on since it’s hard to find at times with something happening almost every minute

The Review from citizens

Very informative about what’s happening around you.. Helps lessen worries of different areas, for NYC

Citizen in Spanish?

I like the app. I feel the app is amazing one question, though: can you change to other languages?

Difficult to rate ...

... an app that cannot even recognize the registration number it just sent you. Twice tried to initiate this app, but each time it rejects the confirmation number it just sent! Heard a lot of work had gone into this app. Maybe developer might have a user off the street give it a run, before they drop.


I like the app, because it gives me an update on my surroundings and helps me know where not to go. I have children, so this app helps a lot. However, I hate that we can’t report directly from the app. For instance, there is some major police activity near my house, as I’m writing this review, and it’s not showing on the app. How am I supposed to be in the “know” if the app doesn’t “know” and it’s not being reported? That’s the only complaint I have! Other than that, I like it.


Wants your phone number and they claim they won’t use it for any other purpose other than to sign up, but that’s not true. They will use it to block you if they decide they don’t agree with your politics, or whatever it maybe. Way to violate our freedom of speech. Update, I have already spoken with your so-called staff, and they do nothing about the abusive trolls using your app. If we have a conservative point of view, they block us. Don’t you just love how all you get is a textbook response without any actual help.

Underage kids

There’s too many underage kids going live and using too much profanity on these chats shouldn't there age be verified? This application due to recording and viewing live stuff that a lot of kids shouldn’t be seeing.

Failed app execution

Great idea to allow people to broadcast issues in their neighborhood....but wait? How do you do that? There’ no intuitive way that I can see to do that. Apparently, you have to rely on the authorities to declare an incident. For example, there are lots of crazy homeless in my area and I would like to upload a report and broadcast picture or video. There are reviews claiming that the time between an incident report to 911 and when it appears on citizen is 1 minute. This is completely not believable.

User-hostile app

I’m on vacation and I heard about this app and wanted to see what’s going on near my home in the San Francisco bay area. Couldn’t even get past the first screen! You can only use the app if your phone GPS says that you are currently physically in one of their supported areas.

So Max Head Room

Technology at its best..

Scare o’clock news- makes the world worse

This app is basically creating crowdsourced, fear-based paranoia. Not good for the world.

Great idea, terrible implementation

App made to create me an account just to tell me that they don’t cover the place where I live. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Not in my area

Bring it to Dayton Ohio! We need it with everything that happens around here

Doesn’t work

It says to enter in a US phone number and when I did enter my phone it kept giving me the same error message even though there was a green check next to my phone number. Frustrating I can’t even get through the first page. Not sure why my actual phone number doesn’t work.

Crucial App

Are you a New Yorker ? Do you like to know what going on around your city or neighborhood? If you answered yes to any of them then this app is a must. Not only can you get live up to dye notifications of what happening around you but you can also get first-hand raw accounts. This app allowed me to know about a fire that was happening right next to me and gave me the heads up so I can take my family to safety.


You only have it in NY and SF what about other states.

Motto should be “Protect NYC and SFB”

Bring it to Chicago already. That’s where the real crime is happening.


It’s a really good app... but I wished it would be available in other states...

Love the app!

This is an awesome idea! I cant wait for this app to be operational in NJ! Always wanted to know whats going on near me if I see police or fire activity, no more calling neighbors, app notifies you based on your GPS location. This app will become more and more popular, I would say soon we wont need to wait for news channel to arrive at location to provide breaking news as public will be able to record and post it online faster than TV networks. Great idea! Would like to wish Citizen to grow and I have no doubts it will!

No warnings

My location has not been added and probably other people’s too please add more locations


So I’ve been wanting to use this app but every time I use it, it always says not enough people have downloaded or not enough people in the community are using it. Does there have to be a certain amount of users in your community for the app to give you information on what’s going on around you? I really want to know.

Great job people.

I don’t know how they do it but this works very well. It notifies you of crime, fires etc around the neighborhood. I wish this worked everywhere. I get a notification of a fire while the fire trucks are driving to the fire. Just amazing. Well done. Keep up the great work.

Confirmation code invalid

Every code they send me it keeps saying invalid doesn’t make any sense I’m having issues moving past this step. Already makes me not want to download this app.

Can not sign up

Claims that my number is invalid yet correctly sends me the codes. Refuses use of app without this authorization which really isn’t necessary to provide their service.

Better Start Moderating Comments...

Update: you guys need to find a way to moderate comments. You have people buying/selling drugs in the comment section! I had my kids uninstall the app when I saw this happening. This should be a way to keep communities safer, not a facilitator helping people get their fix. I know that this was not the intended purpose for the app, but as you grow you need to make sure your app is being used legally. ———————————————————— An app like this is long overdue. The news doesn't cover everything that happens everywhere, so this is a MUST HAVE APP. My only problem is that there is no follow up to the alerts. It tells you shots were fired in your area and that the police are responding, but that's all. It doesn't say if there were arrests made, casualties, etc. Now that I know what's happening around me, I'd like to know there's something being done about it.

Houston request.

Please make it available for the city of Houston!👍🏼

Invasive sign on flow wants email, phone, and location. Paranoia app!

Finally got through long sign up flow, only to read the “trending” scary titles of crime. In tiny low contrast at the bottom of each I can see they are all 20-30 miles away! Totally paranoia inducing, and ranked like an attempt at an engaging twitter feed. No thanks.

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